Driving in Spain

Drivers licence
Non-Residents can drive in spain on a foreign driving license for a maximum of 6 months in the calendar year.
EU residents can drive on their existing EU license until it runs outs. When it does run out you must apply for a Spanish driving licence. Non-EU residents must obtain a Spanish driving license after one year.

Road Tax
Road tax in Spain is paid to the local government. The fee is related to the individual vehicle and the area. All vehicles are required to undertake an annual inspection ( called an ITV), to check the condition of the vehicle. Major towns and cities have several ITV stations to which you can take your car.

As with most other European countries third party insurance is mandatory. If you provide proof of at least 5 years no claims from your previous insurer you can reduce your insurance premiums.

Speed Limits
Autopistas/autovias 120kph
Dual carriageways 100kph
Country roads 90kph
Urban roads 50kph
Residential areas 20kph

No parking in spaces painted yellow or (obviously) in areas with "No Parking" signs.
Parking spaces with meters are marked in blue where a ticket can be purchased from an attendant or machine.The machine may be halfway down the block; don´t assume that because there is no meter near the car that parking is free. These spaces are usually for two hours maximum. Fines vary between areas but can be substantial.

Fines for speeding are paid on the spot and are calculated at 1,000 pts per kilometre over the limit.
The legal drink-drive limit is 50mg per millilitre with breath test a frequent occurance. Fines for this are very high.
It is compulsory to wear both front and rear seatbelts.