Foreign Registered Cars

A car with foreign registration may not remain in Spain for more than six months. These six months can't be extended from one year to another. After this time, you must remove the car from Spain or change the registration to Spanish. la Spain you can't sell or gift a car with foreign registration.
Tourists may not have a car with a foreign registration in Spain for more than six months. Also, it is not permitted:
o To keep a foreign registered car in a garage until you next return to Spain.
o To leave Spain after six months to stamp the document at the frontier and re-enter. The car can't return to Spain until six months have passed.
o lo have a foreign registered car if you have a business or work in Spain.
Foreign Residents:
A Foreign Resident may not have a foreign registered car in Spain for more than six months. You must change the registration to a Spanish one within six months from obtaining your Residence Card. If you do not have a Residence Card, you will have one year from your arrival to Spain to change the registration.
Changing Foreign Registered Cars
The cost of changing a foreign registered car to Spanish registration is based on the age of the car and its cylinders. This is a complicated process both in Customs and
Traffic and we suggest that a Consultant (Asesoría) handle the process, for which the cost is approximately 1,600 €.