Mallorcan almonds

Almonds in Mallorca

The Balearic Islands have petitioned the European Union to allow Mallorca’s almonds to benefit from a protected ‘designation of origin’. The nut has been found to be unique following a study by the Balearic University. The report has found that it is remarkable due to the climate and the specific type of dry red soil that it is grown in.

The Mallorcan almond has diminished since its heyday in the 1950s when almost half of the Spanish crop came from Mallorca.

However it is hoped that with the protection of the D.O. that the almond will be given the same status as other typical Mallorcan foods such as the ensaimada, and sobrasada.

Almonds are part of the staple diet of most of the ethnic groups originating in the Middle East. Some scholars believe all human races spread out from this area and that might explain the association all human races of Almond with peace, stability and strength. Almonds Mallorca

Almond nuts are eaten raw or in cooked food or herbal recipes to enhance brain function, strengthen the body especially to improve resistance to extreme temperatures, and promote healthy growth and development in children.