Selling a Property in Mallorca

When you wish to sell your property, you must pay taxes to the Public Treasury (Hacienda) for the profits obtained from the sale. The profits correspond to the difference in price that features in your purchase title deed and your sale title deed.
Depending if you are a Foreign Resident or Non-resident, it would be calculated in one of the following ways:
Foreign Non-residents:
If you are a Foreign Non-resident you must pay Hacienda 35% of the profits made from the sale of your property.
At the time of selling, the purchaser will discount 5% of the declared purchase price and deposit it with the Hacienda. The seller has four months from the date of completion of the sale to pay the appropriate tax to Hacienda. If the property was purchased before 1986 the buyer will not pay any tax to Hacienda.
Foreign Residents:
If you are a Foreign Resident you must declare to Hacienda 15% of the profits obtained by the sale of your property in the following year. If you sell your permanent borne and within two years of the sale you buy another permanent home reinvesting all the profits of the sale, you will not pay any tax to Hacienda. A "permanent home" is considered as one in which you have lived continuously more than three years.
Census Register
The Census gives the number of inhabitants in a municipality and is of great importance, since the economic contributions from the central and regional government to the Town Hall are based on the number of registered inhabitants in the town. These funds are to provide town services i.e. local police, doctors, schools, cleaning, Lighting, infrastructure etc. Therefore, the more registered inhabitants, the more money will be granted to the Town Hall for these services.
If you live in Mallorca continuously, or for minimum period of four, five or six months during a year, you should register on the Census. You do not need a Residence Card. A passport is sufficient.
Apart from the fact that you will receive better services from the Town Hall by registering on the Census, you will have the following benefits:
You can apply for a Census certificate to:
• Buy a car in Spain.
• Be a member of the Pensioners' Centre.
• Have a pensioner discount on the Mallorcan Urban Buses.
• Have a bonus discount in the Municipal Car Park.
• Vote in the local, national and European elections and stand as candidate in these elections, according to the International Treaties.
Inclusion in the Census Registry has no relation with the payment of local or Public Treasury taxes (Hacienda).
To register on the Census, you only have to present yourself at the Town Hall
Foreigners' Department with your passport or Residence Card and one of the following documents:
• Title deed (escritura).
• Rental contract.
• Telephone receipt.
• Electricity receipt.